Talakayang Alay sa Bayan

An Enlistment System for the Loyola Schools

An enlistment system and information website for TALAB, a one-day annual event hosted by the Loyola Schools. This is a joint project of Ateneo's User Experience Society (UXS) and Computer Society of the Ateneo (CompSAt).

  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Front-end Developer


TALAB is an annual one-day event held by the Loyola Schools to give its students a platform to learn and contemplate on the pressing issues of today and tomorrow. Lectures are held by various instructors and renowned speakers in their respective fields, and students are given the chance to choose and enlist in whatever classes that piqued their interest.

The Ateneo Integrated Student Information System (AISIS), which is used for the enlistment of classes, was initially planned to be used as the enlistment platform for TALAB. Unfortunately, it didn't work out due to unforeseen circumstances. To mitigate the issue, the administrators employed the help of a group of developers and designers (which I was a part of) that could help create an enlistment website for TALAB.

Designing Process

Before we started development, we had a co-design session with some membors of the User Experience Society. The session included a brainstorming of ideas on how to make an enlistment website that fixed the problems and annoyances students faced when using AISIS.

There was also a brief design studio session, where we talked about some features and implementations that we wanted to see in the project. Some notable ones included equal distributions of slots across batches, single-click enlistment, and proper management of server load. Components and pages of the website were debated on, and critiques had to be exchanged for each designing group.


To start off the development, we split ourselves according to what technologies we were most familiar with. I, along with another dev, got the front-end tasks for the information site. Our main goals were to create the landing pages, as well as the FAQs and batch number checking page.

For the second iteration of TALAB the following year, we were tasked to maintain the enlistment website, as well as create an admin page. I was also given the extra task of making a to-do list type of app that was used for the registrations of the out-of-school tour classes.


Fortunately, the creation of the enlistment system was a success. People were praising our team, and were even comparing what we made to AISIS. It wasn't perfect as there was a significant amount of students who encountered issues, but it was a good first step towards a better enlistment system for the Ateneo student body.

Hopefully, in the future, AISIS can also implement some of the features we made for TALAB. One feature I would definitely love to see is the implementation of the fair distribution of class slots among batches.

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